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Delta Health Systems delivers comprehensive self-funded health plan administration with an extensive menu of integrated care management and wellness programs to aggressively manage plan utilization, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs.

Our Focus at Delta Health Systems


A privately held, independent company, Delta focuses on customers, not shareholders. When you work with Delta, you know that your results are top of mind because client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Delta goes the distance that other administrators can't, or won't, which empowers our clients to get the outcomes they want, care for their member population, and maximize risk mitigation.


At Delta, we're passionate about the health of our members. A pioneer in the industry, we introduced Wellness programs over 30 years ago and continue our legacy today as we strive to achieve a healthy, happy workforce for our clients.

From school districts to unions, Delta consistently delivers on its promise to positively impact our members' lives.

Our Passion at Delta Health
Our Commitment to Analytics and Data at Delta Health


For more than fifty years, we've worked tirelessly to optimize our members' health as well as the outcomes for clients. A key factor is our long-standing commitment to using data and analytics to accelerate critical results.

We know what it takes to get the outcomes you want, from integrating leading-edge technology like biometrics to implementing personal health scores.

Data drives us, and as a result, we deliver quantifiable cost savings and satisfaction for our clients.


Delta has a proud, loyal, and passionate team working for your success. With some employees working here for 20, 30, and even 40 years, our culture of experience and family permeates everything we do.

From the long-lasting industry connections we've forged to our team’s ability to ensure members are healthy and safe, our culture of relationships isn't just important to us, it's core to who we are.

Our Culture at Delta Health

"I felt reassured as the Delta Rep confirmed that the information was correct while I made life changing decisions. Delta is great. Thank you for being so helpful and compassionate."


"Delta Reps were not only professional and responsive, they were patient, explained step by step how to find the information I was looking for, and never once tried to just answer the question to get off the phone."


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